A way to track the cleanliness of surfaces in real time

sanitizeMe allows you to track how often objects have been touched in real time.

Using a camera such as a secuirty camera, it is able to detect frequently touched objects like chairs, doorknobs, and switches. Objects that have not been touched are highlighted green, while frequently touched objects are highlighted red, alerting you that they need cleaning. All in real time.

TensorFlow.js is used for the image processing and loaded with a custom data-model which can recognize nearly all frequently touched objects, while an advanced algorithm we created calculates exactly how many times the object has been touched

Try it out for yourself.

Items that need urgent cleaning:

Sanitization Database

Try out our technology in real-time by adding items for the software to track. We are working on adding more items to the database so that you can can keep your customers and employees safe. Our system guarantees 85% accuracy, providing you with the confidence to